Neuro forum in North Cumbria for NHS SCN

Claire Braid is the Network Delivery Lead for Northern England Strategic Clinical Networks, part of NHS England.  Claire has been a great support in setting up our Alliance and has been to a number of meetings.

Things have started to progress with the neuro-rehab and self-management workstream, as one of the main priorities for the Neurological Conditions Network.  This is a very large piece of work, so it has been agreed with our Network Clinical Leads, Dr Nicky Chater and Kim Westwood (Neuro Conditions Lead and AHP Rehab Lead respectively), to focus on the self-management aspect of this.

It was agreed a good starting point was to develop some standards for self-management that are regionally agreed, and are relevant to a wide range of people with neurological conditions.  For the purpose of this piece of work, ‘self-management’ will be a broad term looking at all aspects of a person’s life, and not just structured ‘self-management’ programmes, although this is likely to form a part of it.  For example, the standards should encompass things like access to more mainstream community resources such as leisure services, and maintaining / returning to work.

We are aware there are many standards already out there for other conditions, both nationally and locally, as well as documents like NICE guidance, so these would form the basis of the regional neuro standards.

The Tees Neuro Forum  volunteered to start to draft up standards for neuro.  We offered to set up a Forum for North Cumbria under the umbrella of the Cumbria Neurological Alliance. One of our committee members Dr Vincent Foxworthy has agreed to set this up.  This will promote a truly region-wide approach to this piece of work, provide an opportunity to benchmark services and have a regional consensus on what good self-management should look like.

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