URGENT Review of Patient Transport in the North West of England

This is urgent. Please respond to the survey and pass on to all your contacts. 
Check out
for an explanation
and the following link takes you straight to the survey:
We have been highlighting problems with patient transport in Cumbria and the North West and it has been one of our priorities in 2014.  We are pleased that there will now be a review led by Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group so this is your chance to air your problems with transport to hospital services.  We need lots of responses!
Complaints the Alliance has received include
  •  Patients can’t be collected before 8 am or after 5 pm
  •  They have to complete lengthy telephone interview each time they need transport and then get refused.
  •  Only way to get transport is if GP books it for them
  •  Patient asked if they can walk upstairs, if answer is yes no matter how ill, elderly or frail, patient still gets refused.
  •  Unfair to have different criteria for certain disease groups when others are having to attend frequently too.
  •  Lack of public transport makes it impossible to get there
  •  Many people have no one to give them a lift if they are turned down so just do not attend
The final box on the questionnaire expands to take lots of comments so please do write fully.
Also note this address at the end of the questionnaire Hadrian Collier at NHS Blackpool CCG h.collier@nhs.net
If you have members without computer access there is a word document for them to use and return, just email me for one cumbrianeurologicalalliance@googlemail.com
I shall be meeting with the Blackpool CCG representative Hadrian on 22nd January so please do let me have any stories to share at that meeting – just complete the following boxes



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