Neurology services: hospital activity compendium

Sent on behalf of Public Health England’s Neurology Intelligence Network

Neurology services: hospital activity compendium

Data analysis of neurology hospital activity in England 2012 to 2015 

The neurology intelligence network is pleased to announce the publication of a new data resource; the neurology services hospital activity compendium.  The compendium shows summary level data (counts and percentages) at a national level on the hospital activity of people admitted with a neurological condition. Where possible, these national level data are also provided at a CCG level.

By making this data available it is hoped that analysts, policy makers, clinicians, commissioners and charities involved in the provision of services for people with neurological conditions will be able to undertake further exploration of the information included and begin to uncover the rich detail that the product contains.

The data tables for England show data for three financial years (2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15):

Hospital admissions – numbers of admissions by neurological condition group

  • Emergency hospital admissions – numbers of emergency admissions by neurological condition group
  • Subsequent hospital episodes – finished episodes following an emergency admission by neurological condition group
  • People in treatment – all admissions and new admissions by neurological condition group
  • Hospital discharges – all inpatient admissions, emergency admissions and emergency admissions under the care of a neurologist by neurological condition group and length of stay in hospital

The network plan to develop further extracts of this dataset in accordance with the identified needs of end users. We would very much appreciate feedback on the scope of this future work; if you have any suggestions on what these future extracts should contain please submit them via email to


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