Changing places, changing lives

At our February 2017 meeting members agreed to make the lack of changing places with a hoist and bench in Cumbria a priority.

Sometimes you just need to change one thing to open up a world of possibility…

Over a 1/4 million people need Changing Places toilets to enable them to get out and about and enjoy the day-to-day activities many of us take for granted.

The Changing Places Consortium launched its campaign in 2006 on behalf of the over 1/4 of a million people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. This includes people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, as well as older people.

To use the toilet in safety and comfort, many people need to be able to access a Changing Places, which have more space and the right equipment, including a height adjustable changing bench and a hoist.

We know there is provision at the Kendal Leisure Centre and in Carlisle at the YMCA.  Other private provision is at the Calvert Trust, Keswick, the Firefighter’s Charity in Penrith and one is planned for Copeland in 2017.


Read more and help us get better provision in Cumbria

Tell us if you know of anywhere else providing this provision in the County.




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