Case studies required for the National Neurological Alliance

Mental health report

As neurological conditions relate to the brain and nervous system, there is an increased complexity in the interaction between physical needs and broader emotional, cognitive and mental health needs. We have been working on a report examining the different aspects of living with and accessing treatment for mental health conditions if you also have a neurological condition. The draft report is being finalised and will be published later this year.

However, case studies would be a very useful addition to the report – can you please let me know if you have a case study for possible inclusion? Stories covering the following – either a positive story outlining where neurology patients have received good support to meet their mental health needs or a negative story, high-lighting the consequences of difficulties in accessing support for mental health – would be helpful.

For example:

  • Provision of good quality information and support which has enabled prevention and/or self-management
  • Access to therapeutic interventions or treatments which take account of the underlying neurological condition
  • Access to regular screening for emotional, cognitive and mental health needs
  • Working with a neuropsychiatrist or receiving a neuropsychiatric assessment

Contact Elaine.Cooper@neural.orguk


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