Specialised commissioning neurosciences transformation project

Specialised commissioning neurosciences transformation project
The Neurological Alliance has been invited to sit on the expert advisory group which will provide overall steer to NHS England’s specialised commissioning neurosciences transformation project. Members attended the first expert advisory group meeting, at which an overview of the project and progress to date on each of the six workstreams was given: the neurosurgery workstreams – brain tumours (elective pathway), pituitary (low volume pathway), subarachnoid haemorrhage (emergency pathway), and the neurology workstreams – MS, epilepsy, neuro-immunological conditions.

Work will be undertaken to determine whether these can be scaled up, with the aim of defining an optimum neuro-wide model. Additional work from any other additional pathways in other condition areas will be taken into consideration. The neuro-wide model will be tested across a local footprint to refine it. Following this, tools will be developed to enable the model to be implemented via regional specialised commissioning teams (years 3-5 of the programme of work).  Other outputs will include guidance on pathways, revising the new service specifications as needed, and the provision of best practice examples. Any changes to the provision of specialised neurology services will also be made during the implementation phase.

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