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Barrow Community Kitchen

Barrow Community Kitchen is a Community Interest Company set up to provide meals for the community. It is a place to come if anyone has suffered benefit sanctions, on low income, bored or isolated. Volunteers are needed to assist in the kitchen with food preparation, serving meals, cleaning and tidying, clearing up after meal service, pot washing and any other duties. They also need volunteers to run art and crafts or anyone that has any skills /hobbies they would like to share/teach. A Volunteer Director is also needed, ideally with experience in writing funding bids.

The candidate will need experience in writing funding bids and previous experience in working in charities. Contact Sharon Foden on 01229 877909.

December meeting at A Chance for Life Penrith

There was an excellent turnout for this important meeting and we were pleased to welcome people with neurological conditions, colleagues from Newcastle Hospitals, the main neuro charities, community therapists and consultant neurologists.
We received a presentation of the proposals for specialist neuro rehabilitation in North Cumbria and unanimously agreed to respond to Stephen Eames CEO at North Cumbria Hospitals Trust and Cumbria Partnership Trust.
We are pleased to see this piece of work being given priority and look forward to being able to co-produce the new strategy.
The response was also shared with Jackie Daniel CEO University of Morecambe Bay Hospitals Foundation Trust and Andrew Bennett CEO Morecambe Bay CCG, as the content is equally important for services in the south of the County.
I was delighted to receive this  message in response from Jackie
Dear Glenys,
Thank you for copying me into this.  I can confirm that we are fully committed to supporting the priorities and plans for specialist neuro-rehabilitation.  It is really good to see the progress you have and continue to make.”
There has been a great deal of development in the last couple of months and we are delighted to have started the Cafe Neuro in Barrow.  This is our new neuro drop in centre supported by our joint neuro charities.  We have had the first 3 sessions and last Thursday reviewed what we had learned.  We have started an excellent open access room with a range of information available – do drop in to the Hindpool Community Centre to see what is available.

New Stroke Strategy for Morecambe Bay

I was delighted to contribute to the launch of the new stroke strategy for Morecambe Bay and I spoke about the role of the 3rd sector in preventing stroke and supporting families and patients after stroke.

The Bay Wide Stroke Prevention programme launched earlier this month at Café Ambio, near Crooklands. The programme has been launched by Bay Health and Care Partners to bring partners together to help to reduce the number of strokes across the Bay by 50%.

This ambitious project follows in the footsteps of good practice developed in West Yorkshire and will focus on five key areas: Prevention, Detection, Protection, Management and Recovery.

The launch outlined the Stroke Prevention Programme and also sought insight from those with expertise in preventing strokes from occurring, managing strokes when they do occur and helping stroke survivors to recover. The 60 experts participated in table discussions to begin the implementation of the programme across the
A key focus of the programme will be communicating how we can all reduce the risk of stroke across the Bay . The social media statistics surrounding the launch showed that more than 122,000 Twitter accounts were reached by
tweets from the launch. (You can see my tweets about the event on our links page)

If you would like more information around stroke prevention please visit the website at

or get involved on Facebook @Baystrokeprevention and Twitter @bay_stroke

Glenys Marriott presenting 3rd sector role

Dalton in Furness 17th November

Note from the ICC and Cumbria CVS

We are hosting a day at the Drill Hall in Dalton-in-Furness, from 10-4pm on November 17th, to try and ensure our local community is as well as possible over Winter, which, whilst being beautiful and crisp up here in Cumbria, we also know causes difficulties for many people. We want everyone to LOVE Winter this year! We asked around and we have identified 6 domains that people struggle with over Winter and we would like to know if you would be able to contribute to any of these domains. We will be setting out the Drill hall in 6 sections each section devoted to one of the domains and if you would like to attend, know of someone who would benefit by knowing or wish to contribute literature or a display please let us know. Or indeed have any other ideas.

The Domains are as follows:

1)      Winter Wobbles: getting out, about and around in Winter, how to maintain activity levels in reduced daylight & poor weather, how to get around to where you need to during the winter months.

2)      Winter Blues: how to reduce isolation, keep connected, prevent loneliness and poor mood when the nights draw in

3)      Winter Bugs: how to stave off or manage the inevitable winter sniffles, best advice on preventing a minor ailment becoming a major illness

4)      Winter Weather: what support is out there to ensure the winter weather doesn’t wreak havoc, slips, falls, floods, frost, home safety, ensuring enough food is in the house if you can’t go out

5)      Winter Warmth: being cold makes many illnesses worse so how can you ensure you stay warm and toasty in and out of the house

6)      Winter Wellbeing: If you already have a long term condition, what advice or support do you need to prevent it worsening over Winter

We would love as much support as possible for this very community led event. We know there are so many resources out there, so many people doing great things, but do the right people know about it? We are hoping that both the work leading up to this event & the event itself will go a long way to connecting people, communities and resources.

In  addition the Furness Urgent Care Network which is a formal NHS body consisting of senior leaders in Acute & Urgent Care eg hospital managers, A&E consultants, Chief Nurses, Adult Social Care teams and Community Nursing teams will be holding their monthly meeting at the Drill hall in the morning so there is an opportunity for those people to see what support there is for the NHS from all the amazing work in the community & vice versa.

Please start talking about how we can shape this event, get back to us with ideas, contributions or criticisms so we can ensure that the event really showcases the community assets to give us the best Winter ever!

Looking forward to hearing from you

Dr Arabella Onslow