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State of Care is the annual assessment of health and social care in England. The report looks at the trends, shares examples of good and outstanding care, and highlights where care needs to improve.


State of Care cover imageThis year’s report finds that most people in England receive a good quality of care. CQC ratings show that quality overall has been largely maintained from last year, and in some cases improved, despite the continuing challenges that providers face.

Some people said the outstanding care they have received and how some individual services have changed their lives for the better. Others told about the poor and sometimes disjointed care they have received.

CQC found that people’s experiences of care often depend on how well local systems work together where they live. Some people can easily access good care, while others cannot get the support they need. They may experience disjointed care, or only have access to providers with poor services.

This builds on Beyond barriers,  looking at how services work together to support and care for people aged 65 and over.

CQC and Disability Rights UK

As you may know, Disability Rights UK have extended the partnership with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to gather feedback from disabled people about their experience of health services and social care, via CQC’s ‘Tell Us About Your Care’ initiative. The CQC would really like to hear from disabled (and non-disabled) people on their experience of using any of the services they regulate, including GP and dentist surgeries; hospitals; services in the home; etc. A full list of these services can be viewed by clicking here.

We encourage you to tell the CQC about your experience, positive or negative, of any of the services they regulate. This information is used in many ways by CQC, including triggering regulatory visits to services, and feedback can be given anonymously. You can provide feedback online by clicking here (please remember to select Disability Rights UK in the ‘how heard’ section!). You can also provide feedback by telephone or gain further information by contacting Disability Rights UK by telephone on 0330 995 0400.

For further information on the DR UK & CQC Partnership, please click here.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) Publications

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) Publications

The 2016/17 data for The state of health care and adult social care in England has been
published by the CQC. The report find that, despite big challenges, the quality of care has
been maintained (though there remains a great deal of variation).

As expected, it stated that the number of people with complex, chronic or multiple conditions is increasing.


State of Care cover image



CQC State of Care report 2016/17

From CQC:

‘State of Care is our annual assessment of health and social care in England. The report looks at the trends, highlights examples of good and outstanding care, and identifies factors that maintain high-quality care.

State of Care cover image

This year’s report shows that the quality of care has been maintained despite some very real challenges. Most of us are receiving good, safe care and many services that were previously rated inadequate have recognised our inspection findings, made the necessary changes and improved.

The fact that quality has been maintained in the toughest climate most can remember is testament to the hard work and dedication of staff and leaders. However, as the system continues to struggle with increasingly complex demand, access and cost, future quality is precarious.

Health and care services are at full stretch

The complexity of demand for health care and adult social care services in England continues to rise.

The number of people with complex, chronic or multiple conditions is increasing. We have an ageing population, and the total number of years people can expect to live in poorer health continues to rise.

These and other factors present different pressures in different parts of the system.

In cancer treatment, for example, there has been a fairly steady increase in the total number of people being treated following a GP referral, but they are having to wait longer for their treatment to start.’

Download copies here http://www.cqc.org.uk/publications/major-report/state-care


CQC’s next phase of regulation

CQC consultation on next phase of regulation

Take part in second next phase consultation

care quality commission

The independent regulator of health
and social care in England

Update on our next phase of regulation

Take part in our new consultation and find out about the changes we’re proposing

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The health and social care landscape is changing. We want your views on how we can continue to develop a more targeted, responsive and collaborative approach to regulation.

We’ve now published the response to our December consultation on our next phase of regulation. Visit the website to read it and the related guidance documents we’ve produced.

We’re also launching a second consultation today. It includes new proposals for how we’ll regulate primary medical care services such as GPs and dentists and adult social care services like care homes and home-care services.

We’d love to hear your views. You can take part in our second consultation online. It’s open until 8 August 2017.

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Download the response to our first consultation

Tell CQC About Your Care partnership

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) want more, older people, and their families and friends to share their experiences of health and social care. They are running the ‘Worked up? Speak up‘ campaign from 6 March. If you have feedback about you or your loved ones care, they want you to tell them about it, good or bad. By telling CQC about your experiences, you could stop poor care happening to someone else. Find out more