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Access to Work – CPT consultation

Latest – Access to Work; CPT consultation
Via Independent Living

The maximum amount that people can claim annually from the Access to Work scheme will increase to £59,200 on 1 April.

The money is used to pay for additional support requirements in the workplace as the result of a disability. Last year, more than 27,000 people received support.

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Acessible Housing Crisis

Accessible housing crisis Via Independent Living

A shocking 93% of homes in the UK don’t meet basic accessibility standards.

Yet nearly three quarters of people in a recent poll for the Centre for Ageing Better believe that all new homes should be built to meet the needs of residents of all ages and abilities, and almost half think that society doesn’t do enough to support people to live safely and independently.

Many developers are reluctant to build accessible homes, frequently arguing that purchasers without specific needs won’t buy them. This poll suggests the opposite.

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Order a genuine Radar Key

Radar Key

4 out of 10 PIP claimants do not appeal as it would be too stressful

4 out of 10 PIP claimants do not appeal as it would be too stressful: The DWP has published new quantitative and qualitative research that explores claimants’ experiences of the whole PIP claim process. Disability Rights UK, welfare rights and policy adviser Ken Butler said: “The only way to reduce the number of appeals is for the DWP to make radical changes to the PIP assessment process so that most decisions are made right first time.” Read more

Britain’s housing crisis: slow progress and a radical quick fix

Britain’s housing crisis: slow progress and a radical quick fix:The University of York’s analysis on the state of the UK private rented sector was shocking, finding that one in three homes in England at the lowest rents are classed as non-decent, with children living in unacceptable conditions. We need to focus on innovation and scaling up the solutions that make the sector work better, now. DR UK CEO Kamran Mallick and others offer their solutions

Kamran has also written an article about how he first left home and wonders whether disabled people today are in a position to do the same, given the current shortage of suitable accessible housing.

Government report to UN on our rights is ‘clutching at straws

Government report to UN on our rights is ‘clutching at straws’: Last year the UN looked at the UK’s record in implementing the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD).

Its conclusions were very critical, so much so that the UK government were asked to respond to some of the criticisms within 12 months.

Their report has now been published.

Disability Rights UK video Equality Act

Equality Act animation:  As part of the Right to Participate project, funded by the Legal Education Foundation, DR UK has created a short animation about the Equality Act http://righttoparticipate.org.

This is a ‘light touch’ introduction to the Act. It’s primarily aimed at disabled people who might not usually think of themselves in those terms or be aware that they’re covered, for example young people, students and people who’ve recently acquired an impairment.

Please watch and share the video as widely as you can.

TransPennine Express climbs down over inaccessible trains: