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Dan Rattigan, new post with NHS England

Dan Rattigan, policy group vice chair for the National Neuro Alliance, has left the MS Society to become Senior Policy Manager – Mandate Partnerships and Accountability at NHS England.

Dan Rattigan

We look forward to working closely with Dan and you can read more about him at https://www.linkedin.com/mynetwork/invite-sent/dan-rattigan-9b995b59/?isSendInvite=true


New treatment for MS announced

9th November NHS chief Simon Stevens announced that a new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis will be routinely
available on the NHS



2018 Healthcare Science Awards

This month NHS England opened the applications portal for their Healthcare Science Awards.
For the 12th year running, this award celebrates the developments being made by healthcare
scientists in their services across the NHS. To apply or to find out more click here.


The deadline for applications is 22 December 2017.


Personalised Health and Care 2020

Last month the Department for Health, in conjunction with the National Information Board published
Personalised health and care 2020: service user vision.

This report explores how changes in digital technology aim to improve patient, carer and service user experiences of health services in England.



Accelerated Access Review

The Department of Health and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy have
released a joint response to the Accelerated Access Review (AAR), setting out how government will
improve patient access to breakthrough technologies and treatments.

The AAR made a series of recommendations to enable the NHS to: improve patient outcomes; use the UK’s strong biosciences research and life sciences industrial base, and; enhance the international competitiveness of our life
sciences industry.

Download the report at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/accelerated-access-review-response

The AAR made a series of recommendations to enable the NHS to:

  • improve patient outcomes
  • use the UK’s strong biosciences research and life sciences industrial base
  • enhance the international competitiveness of our life sciences industry

The response to this review sets out how government will work with industry and the health system to create an approvals system so that cost-effective breakthrough products can get to NHS patients as fast as possible.

Key elements of this response include:

  • an Accelerated Access Collaborative that will develop an accelerated access pathway to bring breakthrough products to market and then to patients as quickly as possible
  • £86 million government funding to support innovators and the NHS in overcoming barriers to getting new, innovative technologies to patients quickly
  • improved NHS England commercial capacity and capability to deliver deals that achieve better value for the NHS and innovators

Social Care Spending

NHS Digital

Social care spending up £556m as costs also rise: On 25 October NHS Digital announced
that annual spending by local authorities on social care rose by £556 million in 2016/17 to £17.5


Also published by NHS Digital is Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF). Findings of this report include:

  • The proportion of adults with a learning disability in paid employment has fallen each year over the last three years, from 6.0 per cent in 2014/15 to 5.8 per cent in 2015/16 and then 5.7 per cent in 2016/17.
  • The proportion of adults with learning disabilities in paid employment varies across English regions. London (7.2 per cent) and Eastern (7.1 per cent) have the highest proportion; North West, East Midlands and West Midlands have the lowest at 4.2 per cent.

NHS Digital • New innovation in digital standards

New innovation in digital standards to improve child health information:

NHS Digital have launched new digital standards which will enable everyone involved in a child’s care,
including parents, to access a standardised set of paperless, digital child health records.

• Report shows prevalence of key conditions across England: At the end of last month
NHS Digital announced this report, which includes prevalence information on 21 condition
including Dementia, Depression, Epilepsy and Mental Health. You can read the full report here.


NHS Digital


National Neuro Advisory Group & Clinical Reference Group

14th November 2017

The NA patient group met with Professor Adrian Williams, National Neuro Advisory Group Chair and Clinical Reference Group chair and  Jackie Kemp, lead commissioner for adult neurosciences. There was a tight agenda including:


  • NICE guideline on suspected neurological conditions in primary care
  • Clinical leaders away day feedback and key messages
  • Programme management
  • Condition specific workstreams update
  • Data subgroup
  • Rehabilitation and Stroke National Plan


    • Neurosciences specifications
    • National Service Review
    • Condition specific commissioning policies

More details to follow shortly.