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One of the main reasons people visit Independent Living is to look for products and services to help with mobility and daily living.

They have just introduced a Product List as part of the main site navigation, which makes it even easier to find specific products, or those from a particular supplier.


Animal Assisted Therapy
Via Independent Living

We pet owners aren’t in any doubt about the therapeutic benefits of our feline or canine companions.

Science agrees with us, as increasing numbers of studies demonstrate the positive contribution made by even quite brief contact with a pet animal.

Lower blood pressure and breathing rates, less depression, reduced pain levels, improved cognition – these are just some of the proven benefits achieved with animal assisted therapy

Adult Social Care Green Paper

Adult Social Care Green Paper

You may remember that the Local Government Association launched its own “green paper” on the future of adult social care in the summer, in exasperation at governmental reticence about delivering its own promised consultation.

The LGA received more than 540 responses from individuals and organisations, and says that the government must now make the case for national tax rises – including Income Tax and/or National Insurance – in order to secure the long-term future of adult social care services.

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Headway South Cumbria Conference 18th May 2018

Headway South Cumbria ran an informative conference at the Castle Green Hotel

The Ripple Effect of Brain Injury, Count the Ripples, Count the Cost

Attended by over 170 people, it gave an opportunity to listen to leading professionals working with people with brain injuries and their families. It proved useful for members from all walks of professional life and  for people living with brain injuries, their families and carers.

Read more and see the presentations at



Changing Places toilets Carlisle

I’m delighted to have teamed up with Carol Klein Occupational Therapist, Carlisle, the Cumbria Cerebral palsy society support worker Jane Brown, Kirsty Smith Physio, and Maureen Arca a parent.

Maureen came to address our Neurological Alliance meeting at the Hospice in Carlisle and shared details of their priorities in the City.

These included The Sands, The Lanes Shopping Centre and a County Council building which now has a changing places room but is not open at weekends.

We shall continue to pursue better provision in the area.


Tapping the potential – Lessons from the Richmond Group’s practical collaborative work in Somerset

From Disability UK – UNITE

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Disability Rights UK is pleased to announce that we are working in conjunction with UNITE Magazine.