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New Changing Places Toilet Carlisle

We were delighted to be invited to open the new Changing Places toilet in the offices of Cumbria CVS with Laura Cadman, CEO at Shaddongate Community Centre on Thursday 14 June 2018.

The facility is open Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 3pm.

We are pleased to be members of Cumbria CVS which offers us support in many ways.  If you are running a charity or Third Sector group it is really worth while joining.  Read more

Changing Places toilets have been one of our Alliance priorities for the last 2 years and we have been working with a wide range of partners across the county to increase the provision.

Unhappily there is NO toilet open to the public anywhere in the National Park, YET!

You can read more

Glenys Marriott, Chair of the Cumbria Neurological Alliance today opened the new Changing Places Toilet in the Cumbria CVS offices in Carlisle. Glenys outlined the work done in Cumbria by the Alliance to improve facilities for those residents and visitors who need special toilet facilities. She congratulated the CVS and Carlisle City Council for providing exceptional facilities and for ensuring that they were available to members of the public.
 Glenys said “Over a quarter of a million people need Changing Places toilets to enable them to get out and about and enjoy the day to day activities many of us take for granted.  This high quality facility is an indication of the respect which Cumbria CVS pays its clients, visitors and residents and we shall be pleased to signpost it to our members. Equity of access to appropriate toilet facilities is a human right and we are delighted at the care taken by the CVS to offer this provision”
Glenys was accompanied by Jane Brown from the CP Society and Maureen Arca, the parent of a daughter who needs such provision.
The Cumbria Neurological Alliance comprises all the major Neurological charities including MNDA, the MS Society, Headway South Cumbria, Headway North Cumbria, Epilepsy UK, Parkinson’s Disease, Myaware, Stroke NW and includes NHS, Independent and social care providers of services.




Dalton in Furness 17th November

Note from the ICC and Cumbria CVS

We are hosting a day at the Drill Hall in Dalton-in-Furness, from 10-4pm on November 17th, to try and ensure our local community is as well as possible over Winter, which, whilst being beautiful and crisp up here in Cumbria, we also know causes difficulties for many people. We want everyone to LOVE Winter this year! We asked around and we have identified 6 domains that people struggle with over Winter and we would like to know if you would be able to contribute to any of these domains. We will be setting out the Drill hall in 6 sections each section devoted to one of the domains and if you would like to attend, know of someone who would benefit by knowing or wish to contribute literature or a display please let us know. Or indeed have any other ideas.

The Domains are as follows:

1)      Winter Wobbles: getting out, about and around in Winter, how to maintain activity levels in reduced daylight & poor weather, how to get around to where you need to during the winter months.

2)      Winter Blues: how to reduce isolation, keep connected, prevent loneliness and poor mood when the nights draw in

3)      Winter Bugs: how to stave off or manage the inevitable winter sniffles, best advice on preventing a minor ailment becoming a major illness

4)      Winter Weather: what support is out there to ensure the winter weather doesn’t wreak havoc, slips, falls, floods, frost, home safety, ensuring enough food is in the house if you can’t go out

5)      Winter Warmth: being cold makes many illnesses worse so how can you ensure you stay warm and toasty in and out of the house

6)      Winter Wellbeing: If you already have a long term condition, what advice or support do you need to prevent it worsening over Winter

We would love as much support as possible for this very community led event. We know there are so many resources out there, so many people doing great things, but do the right people know about it? We are hoping that both the work leading up to this event & the event itself will go a long way to connecting people, communities and resources.

In  addition the Furness Urgent Care Network which is a formal NHS body consisting of senior leaders in Acute & Urgent Care eg hospital managers, A&E consultants, Chief Nurses, Adult Social Care teams and Community Nursing teams will be holding their monthly meeting at the Drill hall in the morning so there is an opportunity for those people to see what support there is for the NHS from all the amazing work in the community & vice versa.

Please start talking about how we can shape this event, get back to us with ideas, contributions or criticisms so we can ensure that the event really showcases the community assets to give us the best Winter ever!

Looking forward to hearing from you

Dr Arabella Onslow

Cumbria Action for Health network meeting

Note from Jozi Brown at Cumbria CVS – If your organisation is not a member I would urge you to join

Date of our the next Cumbria Action for Health network meeting

14 November 2017 from 10.30 to 3.30pm, Penrith venue to be confirmed.

‘Colin Cox has agreed to come and give us an overview of the current (but ever-moving) social care and health landscape, and we’ll confirm the rest of the agenda as soon as it’s sorted.’