eligible assessed care

The Care Act 2014

With Part 1 of the Care Act 2014 coming into effect in April 2015, it has far reaching change to the provision of care and support. Part 2 comes into effect April 2016 which includes the cap on care costs.

The act:
– creates a new duty of promote wellbeing in individuals with care needs
– gives carers rights to support on a similar basis as those they care for
– creates a new universal duty to prevent reduce and delay the need for care, which includes those not receiving
– creates a national minimum eligibility threshold
– creates a duty to provide independent advocacy, where someone has substantial difficulty being involved in the
process and there is no one to act for them
– sets a cap on the amount people will pay for eligible assessed care

For further details go to: The Care Act 2014
The government has also produced a series of two sided fact sheets.