Neurosciences Clinical Reference Group

National Neuro Advisory Group and Neurosciences Clinical Reference Group update

From Sarah Vibert
“The next patient group meeting with Professor Adrian Williams, Chair of NNAG and the Neurosciences
Clinical Reference Group, will take place from 14:00 – 16:00 on 14 November 2017, London

Jacquie Kemp, lead commissioner for specialised neurosciences will also be in attendance at this meeting to discuss the updated neurology service specification. Please email if you are planning to attend.”


NHS England – Specialist commissioning – Neurosciences Clinical Reference Group

We are delighted that Alex Massey has been accepted as a Patient and Public Voice member of the new Neurosciences Clinical Reference Group on behalf of the Neurological Alliance.

The new CRG has been restructured following a consultation exercise earlier this year, to which the Neurological Alliance responded. The first meeting of the restructured CRG, which combines both neurosciences and neurosurgery, is scheduled to take place on October 6th 2016.

Key priorities for the Alliance in relation to the work of the CRG include:

  • Pushing for the group to resume work on the service specification as a matter of priority, in order to produce a revised specification as quickly as possible.
  • Ensuring that there is a balance between work on neurosurgery and on neurology within the CRG. As neurosurgery is a highly specialised area of activity, there is a risk that it may dominate agendas and leave little time for wider neurological issues.
  • Pushing for resumption of work on developing an algorithm for use of disease modifying drugs for MS, which was begun by the CRG prior to the restructuring. Aliex will liaise regularly with members to ensure that we are kept up to date on the work of the CRG, and we will have an opportunity to input views and evidence into all relevant decisions and processes.