4 out of 10 PIP claimants do not appeal as it would be too stressful

4 out of 10 PIP claimants do not appeal as it would be too stressful: The DWP has published new quantitative and qualitative research that explores claimants’ experiences of the whole PIP claim process. Disability Rights UK, welfare rights and policy adviser Ken Butler said: “The only way to reduce the number of appeals is for the DWP to make radical changes to the PIP assessment process so that most decisions are made right first time.” Read more

GMB says at least 166,000 in Social Care Debt and more than 1,100 taken to court

Government rejects default sending of ESA and PIP medical reports

Commenting on the government’s response to the select committee report on disability benefit assessments, Philip Connolly, Policy Manager at Disability Rights UK said that sending reports would have helped disabled people understand more in relation to their benefit claims and that the Government should consider the option of returning the assessment process in house (Scotland intends to allow claimants to opt out of private assessors).

PIP and ESA are not well-designed benefits, and fail to meet the needs of many disabled people.

Changes to the assessment process for the better are welcome, but there are wider issues which need to be addressed. Read more

Government reject recommendation to automatically send PIP claimants their assessment report

The Government has rejected its independent PIP reviewer’s recommendation that PIP claimants to receive their assessment report at the same time as they receive their decision letter.

DR UK’s Welfare Rights Adviser Ken Butler said, “In our response to Paul Gray’s second PIP review we recommended that the DWP should provide a copy of the Healthcare Professional (HCP) report with all decisions made.  Read more

WE AGREE, thanks Ken Butler for responding!

Scotland bans private firms from doing disability benefit assessments

DR UK welcomes Scotland’s decision to ban private firms from doing disability benefit assessments: Ken Butler, DR UK’s Welfare Rights Adviser said “Both ESA and PIP are failing those disabled people who are wrongly being refused entitlement to it. There are several reasons for this…..But the origin of all these problems lies with the adequacy and accuracy of the Atos, Capita and Maximus assessments.” Read more

DWP has 80% targets for refusing benefit reconsiderations as a Key Performance indicator

Ken Butler, DR UK’s Welfare Benefit Adviser said “That the DWP has an actual target for refusing benefit decision reconsideration requests is bad enough, but that it has set and exceeded a figure of 80% is appalling.” [Note there are no actual KPI targets for PIP, as yet, but refusals of PIP reconsiderations are high]. Read more