Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)

The RPS promotes the expertise and clinical knowledge of pharmacists to support people with long term conditions and help them achieve the desired outcomes from their medicines, thereby making more efficient use of National Health Service (NHS) resources.

A new report takes a principle based approach to the management of long term conditions. Focussing on the need to enhance the role of pharmacists as part of a multidisciplinary approach, the report takes into account the main objectives of NHS England’s Five Year Forward View.

The RPS proposes that optimal use of pharmacists can support people with long term conditions to:

  •  Improve health by maximising pharmacists’ role in health and wellbeing 
  • Transform care by utilising pharmacists’ skills, expertise and knowledge in medicines and their holistic approach to patient care 
  • Help to control costs by reducing medicines waste and unplanned admissions to hospital by better use of medicines
  • See the report at http://www.rpharms.com/long-termconditions-report