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MS Society survey on wheelchair services in South Cumbria

Yvonne Trace Regional External Relations Officer (Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria) of the MS Society and one of our committee members is carrying out a survey about wheelchair services in South Cumbria.

If you or someone you know lives in South Cumbria and uses a wheelchair please read this

wheelchair flyer

and complete this survey


Your details will be kept in confidence but we want to get as many views as possible.

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Improving Wheelchair services

One of our priorities in Cumbria is to improve the Wheelchair service for all those who need it with a neurological condition.  At the end of March 2014 NHS England announced the following statement:

Wheelchairs enable many people to live fuller lives, yet the wheelchairs services provided by the NHS often fall short of meeting the needs of wheelchair users.  In an attempt to redress that, NHS England is working with others to improve the way in which they can support all wheelchair users.

Sir David Nicholson made it his pledge for NHS Change Day 2014 to bring wheelchair users together with NHS clinicians and managers, and with third sector organisations, to improve services across England.  The Wheelchair Summit, held on 25th February brought these groups together to look at the problems with current wheelchair services and to identify what should happen locally and nationally to improve services.  Those who attended the summit together  highlighted areas of improvements and made recommendations where action is needed.

Contained in the documents below is:

The Cumbria Neurological Alliance is gathering together peoples’ stories of the problems they have with the current wheelchair service.  We really want to hear from you and if you can share your issues we shall include them in our work.  Do fill in the form below.


NHS Wheelchair Service 

At our first meeting on 16th January we received an excellent presentation from 2 members of the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Jan Waddington and Debbie Austin about the wheelchair service. As a result of their findings and comments from members we agreed to make this area one of our first projects to review.

If you would like to comment about your own experiences please complete the form below.